You may see a suggested trip in the area specially designed for Rodi boutique hotel by, as well as some ideas on how to get the most out of your visit.

Three days in Rovies

A three-day suggested plan in order to explore the area and enjoy its beauties, having as a base of course the Rodi – Boutique Hotel! You can see the trip on, download it as it is or modify it to completely fit your desires.

Visit a winery

For wine lovers and those who want to enrich the exploration of the region with a visit to a beautiful vineyard and winery, you will find at the foot of Telethrion mountain the family winery Vrynioti. Located at Gialtra, a small village in northern Evoia approximately 30 km from the hostel.
The Vrynioti winery is a beautiful, modern and functional winery which is open all days of the year for visits. The tour of the winery is an interesting proposal for visitors to the area and a tasty touch to the trip. It begins with a brief tour of the winery and acquaintance with the production process and ends at the tasting room where visitors can try or buy products of the winery.
For more information: (+30) 32 429 22260

Our tsipouro fest

Each year the weekends of November friends and guests of Rodi boutique hotel participate in a special celebration that starts from a hut in the heart of the forest and ends next to the fireplace of Rodi. We are distilling tsipouro (raki) and we celebrate it!
The history of tsipouro as a fairy tale…
Nobody knows who first made it, no one knows exactly how it was made. We are making assumptions, digging in old books, studying stories and traditions.
The recipe passed down from father to son and there were a few times when some more adventurous added their own “secrets” plucked from the ingenuity of their “ingenious” mind.
The story goes like this: A benevolent mother who takes care of her children (the land with vines that produce the grapes), good fairies (fermentation) and bad wizards (souring) fighting who will dominate. Magic and elves (transformation of the grapes into wine), dragons that breathe fire and faint (distillation pot) and finally, the redemption, the wonder, the tears of the Virgin (the pure distillate flowing from the stills). All this in a smoky scene with dim lighting, in a makeshift warehouse on the edge of the yard, on cold winter nights, accompanied by laughter and songs.

Excerpt from the book “tsipouro & raki” of Nikos Manoudis

Because our tsipouro from last year has ended long ago, November is the ideal month for distilling once again our own tsipouro.
The program is approximately as follows:
We should be in the village Kokkinomilia around 10:00 am on Saturday to try with appetizers the first tsipouro which will have begun to flow…
Because the hours for distillation are many, John, the owner of the distillation boiler will start the distillation process early in the morning, so at 10:00, when we will arrive, there will be already the first batch to the test.
Then we will see the beginning of the boiling of the next batch.
Around 14:00 will go to the neighboring tavern to try delicious food of local recipes.
Early in the afternoon we will descend in Rovies (approximately half an hour) and the evening by the large fireplace of Rodi, we will continue with music and dancing.
Sunday as always will begin with a homemade breakfast with local ingredients and then will follow the bottling of tsipouro and relaxation in Rovies.

Holistic therapies and massage

Since holidays are mainly to relax and rejuvenate, in Rodi boutique hotel you can enjoy holistic therapies and massage sessions.
Gina, a holistic therapist with many years of experience, will offer you the session you wish. You may choose between Ayurvedic massage, deep tissue, massage for pregnant women, Rejuvance, Tachyon or something more specialized. Organic products and essential oils are exclusively used.
Call for appointment at: (+30) 698 8030 180

Excursion to Lihadonisia

During summer time there are small boats that do day trips from Rovies or the nearby Aidypsos to Lihadonisia, the “Seychelles” of Evia as they are known.
These small islands with green crystal clear waters and golden sand, located opposite Lihada, on the northern point of Evoia are the result of an earthquake thousands of years ago. In Monolia beach you will find beach bars, but the main thing is that if you are lucky you will see the four seals monachus monachus who wander for years in these islands.

Events in the region

Ash Monday (Clean Monday) is celebrated with traditional happenings at the beach of Herakli.
1st of May: The custom of pepper in Rovies.
29th of June: Traditional Festival of apostles Peter and Paul, on the 29th of June.
1-15 August: Takes place the “Elymnia Festival” every year in Limni. Cultural events, book presentations, theatrical performances, musical events, athletic races in and out of the sea, exhibitions of art and of general interest and other events which vary, depending on the year and the endless imagination of their organizers. “Elymmnia” festival is the greatest cultural event among municipalities in North Evia and not only.

Mushrooms and herbs picking